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  • Your journey to wellness has begun.


    We click into websites for many reasons. Why did you click on ours? You want to be healthy. Why? To enjoy your life. To reduce your pain. To learn how to help someone else find relief. And, you’ve probably tried to improve your health but you aren’t fully satisfied with your results.


    Whatever your reason is, here you are, and we’re grateful.


    Why? Because we’ve discovered the time-tested secret to happiness: We are happiest when we are helping others. It’s the way human beings are designed. And it’s the real reason we do what we do. Our jobs, our hobbies, our relationships … everything in life is about expressing ourselves freely and helping others. As we help others, we help ourselves, because we come to know the deepest meaning of wellness: to live a worthwhile life.


    This is very difficult to do as long as we are sick and suffering.


    Our comprehensive Health Yourself program is built on this foundation and stands on four pillars: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By the time you finish reading the next five short paragraphs, you’ll have a basic understanding of our program. And when you click to register and receive our Health Yourself Plan, you’ll have the blueprint you need to begin constructing your new life of health and happiness. It’s all free.




    Your body needs fuel and maintenance. In this increasingly toxic world, it’s no longer enough to eat well and exercise regularly. You’ll learn 13 simple health habits that can become as automatic as brushing your teeth. We’ll present an overview of the wellness devices we use in our home, as essential for health as a fridge and toilet. And you’ll learn how to make the most of the help your doctor provides you.


    Your mind needs direction. Meditation and prayer, in countless forms, are centuries-old practices designed to develop “mindfulness,” the skill of being present to enjoy each moment, rather than fragmented in anxiety and fear. We’ll present a sample of the audio meditations we produce, embedded with brain balancing frequencies. And you’ll learn how to overcome our greatest fear, the fear of death.


    Your heart needs healing. Without intelligent, compassionate care, all of us have grown into adulthood burdened with wounds from our past, sometimes deeply traumatic. We are not therapists. But we have learned how to shed the habit of living in the past. Emotions exist beyond time. We’ll present our time travel techniques, to heal the past and vision the future. You’ll learn a process for creating how you want to feel. It’s exhilarating!


    You are not your body, mind, and heart. You are the one that inhabits them, just like you are the driver of your car. Actors play many roles. So do we. When we know who we really are, we can play those roles effectively. Mother, son, teacher, engineer, cook … every role deserves our best. But we are not those roles, we are the one playing them. You’ll learn how knowing yourself lets you make the most of every situation, to discover the deep meaning of your life.


    Our journey into understanding, transformation, and radically improved health has begun. We look forward to meeting you in the magical ways that 21st century technology makes easy. Click below to receive your Health Yourself Plan.


    Personally, we aren’t keen on looooooong writing on websites. We hope that what you already read is enough to inspire you to register, so you can concentrate on the material and begin making progress, rather than reading more introduction.


    But some people do like details before committing, even to a free product, so here’s more on the Health Yourself Plan, starting with a few words about ourselves.

  • Tashina

    Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with a fast growing uterine cancer. This was a shock because I had lived a healthy lifestyle all my adult life. In fact, I’d been a colon hydro-therapist for 21 years.


    I did my research and assembled a team of health professionals. Our consensus was to proceed with surgery, which I did, a few days from my 50th birthday. My surgeon was an angel, and I was blessed with excellent support, right up until I questioned automatically proceeding to chemotherapy and radiation.


    My research (and my gut) said “No!” With the support of the alternative practitioners on my team, I deviated from the medical norm. I’d watched my older brother follow his doctor’s orders and die of his cancer. I didn’t want to suffer the same fate.


    And … I didn’t! Here I am, eleven years later, cancer free. There’s been a lot of trial and error over the years, a ton of education, and – with my husband’s incredible support – we’ve organized it all into this simple plan which we are giving to anyone who wants to become an active participant in their healing process.


    We’re thrilled that we can give it away free.

  • Will

    I remember the day, eleven years ago, when my cell phone rang and I heard Tashina say, “I’m home from my doctor appointment. Could you come home … right now?” Ten minutes later I was sitting with her in the living room of our Ashland, Oregon home and I was hearing the three words so many other husbands and wives have heard from their partners: “I have cancer.”


    It was beyond shocking. Tashina was a health beacon. She was more disciplined than anyone I knew, eating a great diet, exercising, totally educated about health. How could this happen?


    It took us years to find out what caused her cancer (and it was a big surprise). But there were pressing matters to attend to, leading to her surgery and then the long follow up. This is where I had to step up. I wish I could say it happened immediately but it took a while for me to "get it."


    The big change moment came about a year later, hearing Tashina talk about a health seminar she wanted to attend down in San Diego. She mused about driving our small RV and I suggested that she find a friend to go with her.


    She agreed and wondered aloud who might be interested. I heard myself saying, “How about me?”


    The trip changed our lives. And it officially launched our Health Yourself program because we met so many inspiring doctors and committed patients. We had to become part of this wellness movement.


    We did. And now you’re becoming part of it too.

  • Bon Voyage

    Your Health Yourself Plan begins with a self-assessment. You need to know where you are before you can make progress towards where you want to go. Click below to get started and we'll see you on the road ahead!

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